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Shifting Your Awareness is part of my Radiant Soul Foundational Series of meditations, prayers, visualizations, and exercises designed to help you be more fully aware and centered in the present moment. The Foundational Series are the core techniques that have helped me achieve a more calm and centered life based on the teachings I learned during my NDE. There are many paths available to you to help you achieve this kind of centered awareness, so thank you for choosing to bring these techniques into your life.


Track 1 is an introduction to the exercise (approximately 5 minutes)

Track 2 is the guided exercise, set to gentle music (approximately 22 minutes)


Shifting Your Awareness is a mind training exercise designed to help you learn that you DO have the power to choose where to focus your attention and what it feels like to intentionally shift from one area of focus to another. I began doing this exercise on my own as I was recovering from my surgery and near-death experience (NDE), although I’m sure that other traditions have similar techniques. What I’ve found is that learning that you do have the ability to focus your awareness is one of the first steps in moving toward true mindfulness. What is mindfulness? For me, it’s simply being fully aware, awake, and conscious in the present moment, without judgment, drama, regret, anxiety, or impatience. This is also known as present-moment awareness, and for many people it often takes consistent practice to make this shift. So please be patient with yourself and the process, and have fun. Spirituality doesn’t need to be complicated or overly serious. I would encourage you to enjoy the process while dedicating a little time each day to your practice.


When you’re beginning to learn how to focus your awareness, I suggest using an exercise like this one at least 3 times per week.


CAUTION: This is an EYES CLOSED exercise that is designed to put you into a relaxed state. Please DO NOT play this recording while operating any machinery, or while engaging in any activity that requires your full awareness. 


Content: Nancy Rynes (copyright Nancy Rynes 2021)

Music: "Ascension" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


Download products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable.


Do not listen to any meditation recording while driving or operating equipment/machinery.

Shifting Your Awareness

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