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Nancy featured on NBC's Megyn Kelly TODAY Show

Nancy was excited and honored to be asked to appear on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show on NBC TV to discuss near-death experiences.   Dr. Sam Parnia and Cherie Aimee were also featured on the show.

Lives Changed By Near-Death Experiences

The Boulder Daily Camera headlines Nancy's NDE in this important newspaper article. For the first time, Nancy's physician gives a public statement about her accident and subsequent Near-Death Experience (NDE).

The Meaning of Life

Nancy discusses her thoughts on the meaning of life in this Excellence Reporter article.

Panel Discussion on NDEs with Eben Alexander and Nancy Rynes

Nancy Rynes was honored to participate on a panel of near-death and shared-death experiencers in Vail, Colorado in March of 2016. The panel consisted of Dr. Eben Alexander, Karen Newell, William Peters, and Nancy.

The Things I Learned From Dying

What does an atheist learn when visiting Heaven? View Nancy's article "The Things I Learned from Dying" in the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Bella Spark/Regenerate Magazine

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