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Enjoy these inspirational, free resources courtesy of Nancy Rynes. These materials will give you a great head start on your own, personal journey to learning more about the wisdom of Heaven and applying it to your life on Earth.


Take classes online, from the comfort of your home.

Simply Peace

Part 1 covers the basics, and introduces easy-to-use exercises for instant peace.

In Part 3 we discuss caring for your mind and nurturing your soul, as well as ways to overcome fears and negativity. 

Part 2 covers spiritual practice, why a practice helps us, and introduces taking care of our bodies as a part of holistic self-care.

If any of the free content on this site or in the blog is helpful in any way, we always appreciate donations. Any donations will be used to keep this website and blog up and running so that we can continue to deliver helpful, inspiring content to all.


Inspirational Messages

Need a "pick-me-up" to get through the week? Enjoy and share these free, inspirational messages.


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Additional Reading


"Seven Lessons" in Aspire Magazine

February 01, 2019

Author Nancy Rynes shares seven small changes that you can make today, which will help you live more in tune with kindness, love, and happiness.

It's All Perfect: Six Easy Steps for Gaining Clarity

December 28, 2018

In Aspire Magazine...Author Nancy Rynes shares six steps to easily and safely call in your higher guidance when faced with a confusing situation or difficult decision.

Five Tips to Help You Stay Upbeat

December 28, 2018

In Aspire Magazine...Author Nancy Rynes shares five simple tips to help you feel good and shift into a more upbeat, positive mindset for 2019...

"An Atheist Visits Heaven"

November 15, 2017

Read a guest blog I wrote for The Monroe Institute. This piece introduces my near-death experience (NDE) and gives you a little view of how I experienced my time in "heaven."

The Music of Heaven

May 01, 2017

Read Nancy's article about the Music of Heaven, originally published in Mile High Natural Awakenings magazine, appears on page 8.

Lives Changed By Near-Death Experiences

July 24, 2017

The Boulder Daily Camera headlines Nancy's NDE in this important newspaper article. For the first time, Nancy's physician gives a public statement about her accident and subsequent Near-Death Experience (NDE).

Awakening to Life

June 01, 2016

Read Nancy's article titled "Awakening to Life" in the Summer 2016 issue of Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology.

(Painting courtesy Ken C. Elliott)

The Meaning of Life

December 01, 2016

Nancy discusses her thoughts on the meaning of life in this Excellence Reporter article.

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