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Note: Since Nancy receives a large volume of emails each week, it is not feasible for her to answer each one individually. There are many free resources on her website which may help you find the answers you need. Also be sure to check out her Events Calendar for upcoming online and in-person talks and workshops.

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Note: Nancy Rynes is not a therapist, counselor, medical professional, or minister/chaplain. If you are in medical or emotional crisis, please PLEASE reach out to your local hospital, psychotherapist, or suicide prevention team for help. In the USA, that's: 1-800-273-8255, or dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Media Inquiries

For media inquires, bookings or speaking engagements please contact us at:

720 - 295 - 2060

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Readers Share

"Really enjoyed the chance to hear you share your NDE live. I thought you did a great job relating your profound experience and answering questions. Hopefully everyone came away from it more awakened and enlightened...As I mentioned to you, that's why your experience and book resonates so much with me. With your Guide's help, you have taken these critical spiritual insights and understandings and put them into a highly practical and usable framework that anyone who wants to be a better version of their spiritual selves. You are one of the very few NDErs who has so clearly and cogently put these principles into a useable, step-by-step framework. While most NDE stories are certainly inspiring and other worldly, very few of them go the next important step to show us, especially non-NDErs, how to better live and love so we are proud of our life review. 


Thanks for your work..."

Jeff J.

"Your chapter on love was the most beautiful writing I have seen on that topic. Thank you!"


Jan H.

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