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Awakenings from the Light

Life Lessons from a Near-Death Experience

Learn the life lessons from Nancy’s near-death experience. This session is a comprehensive companion to Nancy’s book, Awakenings from the Light. Nancy shares first hand, the account of her near-death experience (NDE), and the profound messages that she learned from the experience to improve daily life.  Learn more about NDEs, why people have them, hear Nancy share personal details of her experience that dramatically impacted her life and perspective.  While Nancy’s experience was traumatic, she recounts her journey with warmth, humor, and love. Nancy tackles the tough topics surround life, death, the afterlife, and the important messages brought back for modern times. 


In this course, participants will learn:


  • The basics of near-death experiences

  • Why people have NDEs

  • What lessons can be learned from NDEs without having one

  • Discussion of the private messages Nancy brought back from the Other Side

  • How to incorporate the wisdom from NDEs into your daily life

  • How everything is built on love

  • The power of forgiveness

  • The powerful message of karma and its implications for modern living

Other audience take-aways:


  • Practical exercises to bring the wisdom of NDEs into daily life

  • The often-missed lesson that the other side wants us to learn

  • How to remove fear and resentment from your life

  • Choosing to walk in the Light

  • The path of the Light Worker

This session is available in a Weekend Intensive Retreat, 1/2 day workshop,

2 hour lecture, or Keynote Speech.

LIVE, ONLINE CLASS begins August 21. Sign up here:

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