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Order your signed, paperback copy of Walking in the Light now, before it's released online.


What if I told you that you have all of the ingredients for a more peaceful, loving, and connected life within you right now?  Would you believe me?


Trust me when I say that you absolutely do. 


No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, no matter your religious affiliation, personal philosophy, or the challenges you face, I believe that you absolutely have the ability to live the more peaceful, loving life you desire. By taking a little time each day to devote to simple but meaningful spiritual exercises, you can envision and create this life for yourself.


Walking in the Light is designed to help you make spirituality an uncomplicated and enjoyable part of your normal day. Based on the wisdom gleaned from a variety of spiritual experiences, coupled with years of my own study and reflection, this book is designed help you live more fully, and in the Light, each and every day. 


Are you ready to join me as we journey together in the Light?

Walking in the Light

SKU: ISBN: 978-0-692-89708-9
  • A daily guidebook of readings, reflections, and activities that helps you integrate the wisdom of Nancy's two Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) into your daily life. Also includes a short account of her second NDE, as well as messages to you from Nancy's spiritual guides. 

    Walking in the Light is divided into daily readings and activities that span a total of 12 weeks. Each week explores one theme (such as Love), and each day within that week has a thoughtful reading, prayer, optional activities or journaling exercises, inspirational quotes, and evening reflections. I have written new readings just for this book, but have also included pertinent excerpts from Awakenings from the Light and Messages from Heaven, too. 

    Everything in this book is designed to help you create more present-moment awareness, love, connection, and peace in your everyday life. Follow in Nancy's suggested order, or forge your own path. The choice is yours.

    Signed paperback (7in x 10in). 256 pages.

    Please keep dedications to 25 words or less.

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