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Have you ever wondered how Divine Love works, and how it can connect us all? Or whether Divine Love relates to any scientific concepts? Have you wanted to find ways to connect more strongly to Divine love? If so, then this recording is for you. Join Nancy Rynes as she delves into the nature of Divine Love, and how it supports and connects us all.


In this audio recording, Nancy will explain:


-How she learned about the Field of Love during her NDE

-How she sees the field

-How you can conceptualize it 

-How it works to connect all of us

-What it can allow us to do

-And more


Plus, you will receive several simple ways to connect with this field so that you can increase your intuitive abilities, your sense of inner peace, and overall happiness levels.


You will receive an email link to download your files after you complete your purchase.


Content: Nancy Rynes (copyright Nancy Rynes 2022)

Mastering: Phil Brown

Music: "Ascension" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

Cover Photo: Veronika Bychkova

Cover Design: Nancy Rynes


Download products are not exchangeable and are non-refundable.

Divine Love and Connection (MP3)

  • Audio only.

    Digital Download: MP3 files.

    Run time: 57 minutes

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