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The Conscious Universe

Tapping Into the Power of the Akashic Field

 Do you wonder if the Universe might itself be conscious? Would you like to live more in harmony with the Field of Divine Love? Are you searching for ways to shift your reality? 


If you answer YES to these questions, this seminar was designed for you! Learn how to unlock the power of the Divine, Akashic Field to help shift your reality to one that's more positive, peaceful, and AWAKE.


In this course participants will learn:

  • What is consciousness, really?

  • Is the Universe is conscious?

  • What is the Field of Divine Love and how does it relate to the Akashic Field?

  • How can we make conscious connection to this Field?

  • Is your brain really a quantum computer?

  • How can we best use our quantum computers to change our reality?

  • How can we increase our creativity by connecting to the Akashic Field?

  • How does consciousness interact with psi phenomena?

Other audience take-aways:

  • Learn about different views of the nature of reality

  • Develop your innate ability to connect with the consciousness of the Universe

  • Instantly increase your conscious presence in your life with simple exercises

  • How conscious connections are strengthened by love

This session is available in a Weekend Intensive Retreat, 1/2 day workshop, 2 hour lecture, or Keynote Speech.

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