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Online, Your Own Pace


Awaken U Academy

Awaken Your Life (Full Online Course, Paid)

Wisdom from NDEs for Transformation and Healing

Awaken Your Life (Full Online Course, Paid)
Awaken Your Life (Full Online Course, Paid)

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Online, Your Own Pace

Awaken U Academy

About the event

Start Your Transformation Now with "Awaken Your Life"

Would you like to learn the secret teachings from near-death experiences (NDE) and use them to to positively change your life right now?

Are you interested in having fewer fears, more connection to others, and more peace and joy?

Do you want gain this higher wisdom and use it to transform your life without having to go through the trauma of your own NDE?

The good news is that according to Nancy Rynes, a two-time near-death experiencer, author, and scientist, it is totally possible to learn this deeper, divine wisdom to transform your life today, even if you have never had a spiritual experience of any kind.

As you will learn in Nancy’s new AWAKEN YOUR LIFE Online Masterclass, we can learn much more from this deeper wisdom than just our purpose in this life.

The Full Online Masterclass

In this 5-week program, Nancy, a multiple near-death experiencer (NDEr), author, energy worker, remote viewer, and past-life regressionist, will share the results of years of research and exploration of spiritual experiences and traditions into how we can make our earthly lives more peaceful, connected, resilient, and love-centered than we can imagine. She calls this: process learning to live from your Soul.

The information you will receive will sometimes be fun, sometimes challenging, but you will come away from the Masterclass with both a deeper understanding of this Divine wisdom, as well as practical ways you can incorporate it into you life right now.

It is Nancy’s goal to help propel you along on your own path of discovery and awakening in clearcut, uncomplicated terms so that you can be your own "guru."

In the “Awaken Your Life” Online Masterclass, you will receive:

- Deeper discussions on the relationship of Divine love to the fabric of the universe, how we can more easily live in alignment with that love, and practices to enhance our connection to Spirit and to each other

- The evidence for at least two very different levels of consciousness that we have within us at all times, how those levels function day-to-day, and how we can consciously choose which level of consciousness will be the most prominent in our lives

- Inspiring and informative messages from Nancy’s guides, known to her collectively as “Mariel”, about the nature of love, the heart as a transceiver, and their own tips as longtime spiritual guides designed to assist you in your own personal transformation

- How to believe in and access your own, innate creativity and power of choice to make your life more fulfilled, meaningful, and beauty-full

- Information from Nancy’s work in past life regression, including experiences around reincarnation, pre-birth plans, past life traumas, soul families, and the often misinterpreted concept of “karma”

- How to feel more deeply into your own inner state of gratitude, why it’s important to do so, and how to use gratitude to strengthen your connection to Divine Love

- Why it’s important to have fun, relax, and enjoy your time as YOU as much as you can

- How to use your inner wisdom, your intuition, to live more in alignment with your soul’s purpose for this life

- The importance of the cycle of giving and receiving, and how you can learn to let go of your blocks so that you can learn to accept the gifts that Spirit has for you

- Simple yet effective ways to help your mind calm down so that you can more easily tune in to your soul’s innate wisdom

What's in the Full Online Course

This inspiring online Masterclass includes:

+ Ten core video modules that will walk you through the main teachings Nancy’s first year mentoring students receive, plus additional new information on life and the afterlife that she has never before shared or discussed in a public forum

+Practical ways to begin releasing your fears, enhancing the power you have in your ability to choose peace and love, and how you can easily send love to friends and family in the Afterlife

+Visualizations and meditations designed to help you get a glimpse of the world that so many near-death experiencers see

+As a bonus, a discussion about Nancy’s second NDE and how that continues to change her outlook on life and the universe

+ A bonus video on spiritual experiences, what to do if you have one, and ways you can support an experiencer even if you have never had one yourself

+ What it means to live from the soul and gain practical ideas of how you can do this for yourself, starting today

+ A bonus module on spiritual experiences, what you can do if you have one, and how you can help others in your life who have had an experience

+ A bonus module on the deeper implications of bi-location and out-of-body experiences (OBEs)

+ Understand the core teachings that those on The Other Side want us all to know

+ Separate audio files for each of the core courses so that you can listen without tuning in to video

+ PDF Guidebooks for each of the core modules for note-taking and additional study

+ Quarterly LIVE Question and Answer sessions starting October 2023 and running through December 2024; after that we will host them as needed. These Q&A sessions will be for Awaken Your Life subscribers only. So this is your chance to ask questions about the class, or about how to apply what you have learned.

Whether you want to learn more about spiritual experiences in general, or begin incorporating heavenly wisdom into your life, this Online Masterclass is for you.

For more information and to register, visit:

Awaken Your Life   

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