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Spiritual Recharge Adventure

Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness by Connecting Deeply with Nature

Have you ever wanted to connect with nature and the Divine at a deeper level? Are you curious about whether communicating with trees, flowers, rocks or mountains are possible?  Do you want to spiritually recharge and find a deeper sense of peace and connection by spending time in Nature?


If you answer YES to these questions, this workshop is what your soul needs! Join Nancy to learn how to understand, communicate, and spiritually connect with trees, mountains, rocks, and streams. Discover your unique language with nature, and find the answers to some of your life’s challenging questions. 

In this retreat, participants will learn:


  • How to connect with the wisdom and Divine spiritual essence of nature through your physical senses

  • Detecting and utilizing intuition, extra-sensory perception, and higher consciousness to cultivate connection and communication with nature

  • Understanding the wisdom of plants, animals, and the earth for a co-creative spiritual experience

  • Expanding your present-moment-awareness through sensory-rich, contemplative walks

  • How to ask questions of nature, and receive guidance on your challenges

  • Finding Divine nature to instantly connect with in the city, busy environments, and challenging situations

  • Forging a deeper connection with the divine wisdom of Nature and bringing that wisdom into your both your work and life



This session is available as a Weekend Intensive Retreat or a full day Workshop.

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