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Spirit of Creativity


Are you looking to rekindle your creative edge? Have you been hitting one creative road block after another? Do you love to create, but you seem to lack direction?


If you answer YES to these questions, this seminar was designed for you!  You don't have to be an artist to be creative - creativity lives within each one of us and we express it in our own brilliant and individual ways. Learn how to tap into the power of Spirit and access your higher self to develop your unique creative expression.

In this course participants will learn:


  • What is spiritual creativity?

  • How do we know what our unique expression is?

  • How can we nurture this creativity so it flourishes in our daily lives?

  • What practices can connect us to our well of spiritual creativity?

  • Learn simple techniques that can provide instant connection to your creative higher-self

  • Learn the nurture, flourish, and blossom techniques to grow and expand any creative practice 

Other audience take-aways:



    •    Learn how to love what you create and create what you love

    •    Develop a heart-centered approach to your creative process

    •    Instantly access that master creative expression that you uniquely possess

    •    Learn the tools for greater self-compassion and self-love as you walk the creative path

    •    How creativity is about connection, love, and self-love

This session is available in a Weekend Intensive Retreat, 1/2 day workshop, 2 hour lecture, or Keynote Speech

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