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Be An Angel-Whisperer

Spiritual Communication 101


Are you interested in developing a stronger connection with Spirit, your guides, and the angelic realm? 


Nancy walks you through ways that you can converse with your spirit guides and the angelic realm in real-time! Ask questions, get guidance, and maybe even see some of these beings right there in the room! We'll actually practice several different ways to converse with different species of light beings so be prepared for some truly amazing encounters. Angelic beings and Nancy's own guides will also be present to assist everyone and raise the energy of all in attendance.


Since Nancy’s own transformational NDE, she has worked to keep her communication channels WIDE open with the Divine, her spiritual guides, and those other beings of light we call Angels. She communicates with them daily, getting much guidance for human development, the planet, and for our place in the grand, cosmic design. Now, Nancy has developed methods you can use to initiate this communication for yourself. Come join our community and learn several different ways to connect with your spiritual guidance system.


You'll learn:


  • Who's who in the realm of Spirit

  • How to protect yourself

  • How to prepare for your first conversation

  • Ways to get quiet and invite a spiritual being into your space

  • What to ask and how to ask

  • What to do with the information you receive

  • And much more

Available Formats:


  • 2 hour Introductory Seminar

  • Full-day, Interactive Workshop

  • Weekend Intensive

  • 3-session Class

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