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Are You Ready For a New Perspective?

Transformation requires more than inspiration. It takes looking at your life from a new perspective.

Take the first step toward a happier life. Learn from Nancy Rynes, a scientist and former atheist who transformed her spiritual life using Heaven's wisdom after a profound Near-Death Experience (NDE).

As seen on NBC's Megyn Kelly TODAY 

Start your transformation journey with Nancy's best-selling book.

"This book isn't just inspirational, it gives you practical steps to take as you begin your journey to a happier life."

Awakenings from the Light book

Available in paperback (236 pgs) and eBook/Kindle

Discover Nancy's story...

My friends call me "the atheist who went to heaven." 

While cycling on a routine day in January, I was hit directly by an SUV driven by a distracted driver. I should have died, but while surgeons worked to repair my traumatized spine, my spirit was in Heaven. Instead of dying, I was overcome by a powerful beauty, love and joy - and allowed to return to Earth to share advice.


As seen on NBC TV's Megyn Kelly TODAY



Awakenings from the Light gives you an in-depth look into the extraordinary near-death experience that completely changed my life. Not just a tour guide to Heaven, this book details the messages I received from my spiritual guides...messages that I was asked to bring to others here on Earth.

Not just inspiration - this book is the start of your journey to transformation.


Awakenings from the Light gives you practical steps that you can take in order to make your life on Earth a bit more like Heaven. These are steps that changed my life forever, just as they can yours.

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The Reviews Are In

Read what people are saying about Awakenings From the Light...


The writing is clear and concrete and I have gained much spiritual knowledge from this book. Thank you for writing it and thank your guide for her suggestion to write it. This is one of those books that you will remember and that will make a positive difference in your day to day life. At least it has for mine.


You are one of the very few NDE'rs who has so clearly and cogently put these principles into a useable, step-by-step framework. While most NDE stories are certainly inspiring and other-worldly, very few of them go the next important step to show us, especially non-NDErs, how to better live and love so we are proud of our life review. 


A shining light of wisdom in a dark time. Nancy Rynes bares her soul for the world to see in her book Awakening from the Light. Her recounting of her near death experience is uplifting in our time of so many questions and doubts.

We did have discussions related to her experience in the operating room, and she sticks out in my mind because I could not come up with any other explanation other than a real near death experience [NDE]— I remember her seeing this as a life changing blessing.

~ Dr. Christopher Trojanovich

Dr. Trojanovich, Nancy's physician, is a Harvard-trained internal medicine doctor. Quote excerpted from "Lives Changed By Near-Death Experiences," in the Boulder Daily Camera.

Transform Your Life. Transform Your World.

If you're ready to take action, learn how Nancy's insights and widsom from Heaven can make a positive change in your life.

Get on the road to a new life more quickly with Nancy's quick-start programs, designed to help you take the important first steps towards real tranformation.


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