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Unlock Your Fulfilled Life with Hidden Spiritual Wisdom

Learn to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life with hidden wisdom from the Other Side.  With the insights brought back in Nancy’s book, Awakenings from the Light and her Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), learn how to use these hidden techniques to live your best life!  In this class, Nancy teaches you about the depth of love, and connection to Spirit that is our birthright. With engaging discussions and team exercises, Nancy shares the experiences in the afterlife can transform and awaken your personal and professional life. 

Companion Books: Awakenings from the Light and Walking in the Light


In this course, participants will learn:


  • A personal in-depth review of the concepts in Awakenings from the Light and how this wisdom can impact your life

  • Ways you can remember and tap into the spiritual wisdom that is your birthright

  • How to use your power of choice to bring more peace and love to your life

  • Ancient visualization techniques to put you in touch with your own personal version of bliss

  • The nature of Divine, “Heaven," non-duality, time, and limitless consciousness

  • What our souls experience after death and how we can use this understanding to live better lives

  •  Learn how to connect to the Divine, and tap into the wisdom that is specific for you

Other audience take-aways:

  •   Learn to connect with your Divine purpose using wisdom from the other side that is specific to you!

  •   How your dreams can impact your daily life

  •   How to develop greater meaning and discover your purpose

  •   Tools to awaken your personal connection to Divine wisdom

  •   Developing the A.W.A.K.E. path in your life (Awareness, Wellbeing, Attunement,  Kindness and Everything is Energy)

This session is available in a Weekend Intensive Retreat, 1/2 day workshop, 2 hour lecture, or Keynote Speech.

Remembering the Light

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