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Simply Peace

Raising Your Consciousness, and Releasing Inner Blocks to Live Your Greatest Purpose

In this interactive and engaging class, learn some of the never before shared information brought back from Nancy’s experience on the Other Side.  This class offers a simple and practical approach on how you can reap the benefits of following a spiritual path while living a busy life. Learn how to raise your consciousness, become more aware in the present moment, and feel deeply connected to others and the Universe by using simple but powerful daily techniques. This class uses a combination of discussion, meditations, contemplations, and exciting exercises, while teaching you how to increase your present-moment awareness, and let go of the old patterns of thinking that have been holding you back for your greatest purpose.

Companion book: Walking in the Light


In this course you'll learn:


  •     What are “vibration," “consciousness,” and Divine Love?

  •     How to raise your level of consciousness and connection to Spirit

  •     Ways to make more conscious, peace-filled, and loving choices

  •     How to consciously change your awareness and focus

  •     Visualizations to put you in touch with your own personal bliss

  •     The joy of living to your fullest, most creative expression

Other Audience Takeaways:


  •     The power of purpose and how to raise your consciousness 

  •      How to release inner blocks and patterns

  •      Tools to identify and  live your greatest purpose

  •      How to develop inner-peace regardless what is happening 

  •      Daily techniques for developing peace in your life

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This session is available ONLINE for immediate delivery via the "Enroll Button" below.


Also available as a Weekend Intensive Retreat, 1/2 day workshop, 2 hour lecture, or Keynote Speech.

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